These are the minutes from the AGM held on the 23rd of September 2017 at Unitas Hospital in Centurion. If you would like to download a copy, you can do so here.

Present: 29 as per attendance Register

1. Welcome

Dr Bond (outgoing President) welcomed those present.

The minutes of the last AGM held on 22 October 2016, were circulated, taken as read, and approved.

2. Outgoing President’s report – R Bond

A. The 2017 meeting has been a great success with excellent Faculty and attendance, and the 2019 HPBASA meeting will be held in Cape Town together with the ASSA-SAGES Jamboree.

B. ERCP Training has been accredited at Groote Schuur under the guidance of Prof Jakes Krige, who is to be commended for his input.

C. HPBASA website

i. Structure: Work in progress. Boston and Medtronic sponsoring website.

ii. Function: Allocate individual/s to spend time on updating content. C Jeske, J Devar, S Hofmeyr, M Bernon

iii. Contributions: Case studies and film presentations to be uploaded. Work on template/guidelines for upload process. MG’s presentation at this conference is suitable to use as a template for uploading. Make the website a platform which people want to visit. Scientific Committee (RB, ST and JR) to approve submissions before uploading.

3. Incoming President’s Report – G Stapleton

Dr Stapleton has been President-Elect for the past two years, and is excited to finally be taking up his new position.
He gave a brief overview of his history within the HPB specialty, and although he is in private practice, he plans to engage with the teachers to improve the platforms where possible. He also plans to bring in new members from other disciplines (Nuclear Medicine e.g.) report:

He attended the recent FoSAS meeting on behalf of HPBASA and gave this report:

a) Feedback from FoSAS meeting

Report back on FoSAS meeting held on 2 September 2017 in Cape Town (GS):

The main topics discussed

1) Malpractice and litigation

2) Training and accreditation

3) Alternative Reimbursement

4) Global fees (medical aid and the risks involved)

An excellent presentation given by SASOG (Gynae) association, regarding the BetterObs program they have introduced to reduce the litigation in obstetrics.

Currently MPS fees of Gynaes are R850k, up from R250K in 2013 per year.

Claims in state sector is about R60Billion, and 70% of those is in Obstetrics.

Their intervention program has a number of key areas but main one discussed was the early mediation and the importance of Pre-mediation meeting. They found out that most cases can be resolved during these two meetings and prevent the litigation. These are guided by legal personnel. There was discussion on the role of experts and in particular who should be the expert and how these should be chosen/recommended.

Second main topic was on training and accreditation.

Issues around hepatobiliary surgery, bariatric surgery, etc were discussed. As this meeting had Neurosurgeons (current president Alan Taylor from Neurosurgery) and Gynaes, etc it was immediately apparent that all specialties face similar challenges. In particular, not having proper clinical governance in SA, and the lack of guidelines, making it very difficult to define and operate as subspecialist and/or remunerated as subspecialists.

Definitions such as:

  • Accreditations,
  • Certification,
  • Appraisal,
  • Self-Appraisal were discussed.

The role of societies and their legal standing as well as moral standing/setting standards were indicated.

FoSAS will have a position statement prepared and this will be circulated to FoSAS members.

There were further discussions on NHI and in particular the view of main key players is this being a predominantly political agenda. Financially it seems like nothing in the near (and distant) future can be implemented due to crisis of litigation against the state sector.

b) The Office bearers were voted in at the Executive meeting held on 21 September as follows:

  • President: G Stapleton
  • President-Elect and Secretary: S Burmeister
  • Past President: R Bond
  • Treasurer: M Smith
  • Academic Chair: J Ramos
  • Academic Chair: SR Thomson

Dr Stapleton thanked Dr Bond for his organisation of an outstanding meeting as culmination of his term as President.

4. Treasurer’s report – M Smith

The Society is in a stable financial position, with excess funds being wisely invested yielding over R25000 in interest, which has been re-invested.

2017 Conference has yielded a surplus of R120023,93.

Current account balance at 11 September 2017 = R80973.93

Increase in membership fees from R350 to R450 will be tabled for discussion at AGM. Approved.

5. Secretary’s report – S Burmeister

Members at 11 September 2017: 85 plus 3 new members since start of conference = 88; 7 Members still have outstanding fees

The Abbott Fellowship (of R20 000) was not fully utilised, so the funds were used to assist younger members to attend this conference.

HPBASA will put in a bid to host the 2024 IHPBA meeting (in CapeTown).

They have aldo put in a bid to host the IAP meeting in 2019.

6. Election EXCO members

The President reminded the meeting that 2017 is a voting year and ballot papers were circulated and counted by the Secretariat. The results are as follows:

  • President: G Stapleton
  • President-Elect and Secretary: S Burmeister
  • Past President: R Bond
  • Treasurer: M Smith
  • Academic Chair: J Ramos
  • Academic Chair: SR Thomson
  • Councillor: E Jonas
  • Councillor: S Hofmeyr
  • Councillor: M Brand
  • Councillor: J Devar
  • Councillor: M Govender


  • M Balabyeki
  • P Barrow
  • M Bernon
  • C Ziady