Guidelines regarding the hosting of the annual congress


The annual congress aims to advance the field in South Africa but also serves an important purpose as the most important generator of funds for the Association. Arranging meetings of a high standard will achieve these goals and provide value to its members.

Scheduling and length

The congress is to be scheduled between mid-September and mid-November, but flexibility can be exercised considering potential conflict with local meetings (SASES, SAGES, ASSA, Controversies Pretoria), College examinations, major international congresses (IHPBA, E-AHPBA, IAP, UEGW), school and religious holidays.

The congress is usually hosted over a period of 2-3 days (Friday to Sunday).

The meetings in years with even numbers are considered smaller congresses. The smaller congress can be upgraded depending on opportunities available to the venue and the Local Organising Committee.

Eligibility to host

HPBASA Members in good standing may apply to host a future congress. The congress should be hosted in rotation in the major university centres (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and Stellenbosch).

Naming of future venues

The venue for the congress of the following year and a Chairman will be decided upon at the Exco meeting held during the annual Congress meeting.


The future venue’s Chairman is expected to communicate the members of Local Organising Committee to the President and Secretary of the Association within 2 months after the decision.

The venue, date and designated professional congress organiser is to be communicated to the same persons by 31 January of the year of the future congress.

Local organising committee (LOC)


  • The LOC and its designated PCO (Professional Congress Organiser) shall be responsible for the local congress organisation.
  • Although the President and Secretary of HPBASA are not expected to be standing members of the LOC, it is expected that they receive 8-weekly updates regarding progress with the organisation of the meeting.
  • The rental of adequate facilities. The rental agreement shall be established in the name and on behalf of the LOC. HPBASA will assume liability for this contract, unless the exco are not kept abreast of major decisions that impact the budget of the meeting and especially if not in keeping with these guidelines.
  • Organisation of a trade exhibition, if required, will be the responsibility of the LOC.
  • The acquisition of sponsors
    • The collection, through the services of the PCO, of all payments for the Congress such as registration fees, rentals and fees from the trade exhibition, contributions from sponsors and from sponsored sessions etc. and the payment of all pertinent bills. Such collected revenue should be paid into the HPBASA bank account and payments made, as required, by the Treasurer of HPBASA.
  • The preparation and regular updating of a budget for the Congress.
  • The control and supervision of the finances of the Congress, in collaboration with the Treasurer of HPBASA.
  • The periodic reporting to the HPBASA treasurer and President of the updated budget and the accumulated accounts of the Congress. The minimum dates for reporting are 31 January and six and three months before the meeting.
  • The presentation to HPBASA of a true and audited final statement of accounts for the Congress.

Duties of HPBASA:

  • HPBASA Exco will act in continuous and close coordination with the LOC.
  • The appointment of the PCO and the venue contract must be approved by the president and treasurer of HPBASA.
  • HPBASA Exco has the ultimate responsibility (apart from finances) for the Congress and, therefore, has the duty and authority to control the compliance of all parties with the terms and conditions.
  • HPBASA shall exercise its responsibilities and control in a collegial and consensual way.

Seed money

The local organising committee may apply to the Treasurer of HPBASA for a reasonable amount of seed money to aid in the initial stages of planning. The amount is to be approved by the Exco. This amount is expected to be refunded at the end of the Congress.


The congress is held in the name of HPBASA and sponsorships secured on its behalf. It is therefore expected that, after reasonable costs have been accounted for, the profit is transferred to the accounts of the Association.

When the annual congress is paired with another local or international congress, the profit sharing arrangement has to involve the exco for negotiation and final approval.


The association is of a multidisciplinary nature and, in this spirit, all disciplines involved in care of HPB patients are to be involved in the planning and execution of the scientific program. The programme configuration and content is the responsibility of the LOC, but interaction with the Scientific Chair of the Association is encouraged.


Local and International faculty are invited and may be funded at the discretion of the LOC in consultation with the HPBASA exco.

As a general guide, 2 to 3 International Experts are invited for the major Congress and 1 to 2 for the alternate smaller Congress.

Travel and accommodation guidelines for International Faculty

Flights for international visitors will consist of a return economy class ticket. Transfers are to be arranged for these visitors. Accommodation for the period of the Congress, including one day before and/or after the congress is to be provided at a reasonable distance from the venue.

Post-congress tourism for international faculty is acceptable, provided that the congress budget allows for this and that no more than 10% of the budget is spent on related costs.

HPBASA recognizes that industry can no longer directly cover the costs of travel, accommodation and other tourism activities.

Waiving of registration fees

The registration fee will be waived for the following:

  • International faculty
  • The local organising committee
  • Speakers

Payment of local faculty or office bearers’ travel costs

  • President
  • President-elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

If you would like to download these guidelines, you can do so here.